NYS 4-H Youth Development Program

Department of Animal Science

Beef Programs

The 4-H Beef Skills for Life Series developed by the 4-H Cooperative Curriculum System (4-HCCS) is part of the national 4-H reviewed and recommended resource collection. Price ranges vary according to quantity. Orders made prior to May 1 receive discounts. The average price per book is approximately $3.30 each. The 4-HCCS website is located at:
Many species topics are available. Here are the beef related titles:
Beef 1 Bite Into Beef
Beef 2 Here's the Beef
Beef 3 Leading the Charge
Beef 4 Helper's Guide.

Ohio State University Learning Lab Kits are available at the Ohio State website or by contacting Communications and Technology Media Distribution (614) 292-1607 or E-mailContact Us Page to order.

Contact: Dana Palmer