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Larry E. Chase - Professor & Extension Specialist in Dairy Nutrition

PhD from Pennsylvania State University  
Graduate fields:   Animal Science, Nutrition
Area(s) of interest:      dairy cattle nutrition, , forage utilization, nutrient management


  • Dairy Nutrition and Herd Health - AS 3550
  • Veterinary Medicine 6559

Professional Organizations: 

  • American Dairy Science Association
  • American Society of Animal Science
  • American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists
  • American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition



Current Research:

My current research program has 3 primary components. One area is a field study using commercial dairy herds to examine the relationships between nutrition, herd management and milk components. Dairy herds are selected to obtain a range of milk fat and protein levels. A herd visit is made and detailed information is obtained relative to the forages and ration being fed. The goal is identify some factors influencing milk components in these herds that could be used in the evaluation of other herds. A second area is examining the efficiency of nitrogen use in dairy cattle. The primary approach is to work with consultants to identify herds with the potential for lowering ration protein levels. The Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS) model will be used to both evaluate the current ration and to reformulate the ration to decrease ration protein and decrease nutrient excretion. Another project in this area involves looking at the daily variation in bulk tank milk urea nitrogen (MUN) as an index of overall herd management. The third current area is evaluating the impact of fiber digestibility in corn silage on dry matter intake and milk production in dairy cows. Corn silage hybrids were selected for differences in fiber digestibility and grown in the same field for this trial. These hybrids will be fed to lactating dairy cows to assess potential differences in dry matter intake, milk production and ratio digestibility.

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