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To improve the sustainability of goat farms in the Northeast US by providing educational resources and communication outlets to producers.

Prepared by:  

Dr. tatiana Stanton
Goat Extension Associate
114 Morrison Hall
Cornell University



What’s New at Cornell Goat Extension?

The 2014 Cornell Sheep & Goat Symposiumwill be held on Friday afternoon 3 October at the Cornell University Ruminant Center near Harford, NY and Saturday 4 October in Morrison Hall at the Cornell University campus.


Photographic Sequence of Kidding

Photographic Sequence of Lambing - Part 1 and Part 2


 Resources for Dwight Bowman presentation on "Field Day on Copper Oxide Wire Particle Trial for Parasite Prevention"


LOW INPUT LAMBING & KIDDING:   Managing Lambing and Kidding Efficiently Without Sacrificing Animal Well Being


Handouts from the 2012 Cornell Sheep and Goat Pre-symposium and Symposium