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The Academy for Dairy Executives

Developing Management and Leadership Skills


The Central NY Academy for Dairy Executives class starting in November 2013 is full. If want to be added to wait list or list for future classes, please fill out the application. Thank you for your interest in attending The Academy.

Application For Admission - Due by October 10, 2013

The following information will be kept confidential, with the exception of information in questions 1, 2, & 4 which will be used in the participant section of the "Academy" binders. You may fill out the following online application. Please don't forget to press SUBMIT after filling out the form.

1. Personal Information


Informal or Nickname


Preferred Mailing Address:
Street Address:


Country (if other than USA)


Home Phone: (Area Code) (Number)
Cell Phone: (Area Code)      (Number)

2. Business Information

Firm Name

Business Address (if different than above, fill in entire address, including zip:
Business Phone: (Area Code) (Number)

Preferred Method of Communication (for program related materials):
Home Address
Business Address

3. Briefly describe your responsibilities in the management of the business.

4. Please provide a short paragraph about your business that can be shared with the faculty and other participants to help them get to know you. This will be printed in your own words in the “participant description” portion of the binders. Please do not omit this portion of the application.

5. What are the primary activities of your business?

6. Explain why you wish to attend the Cornell Dairy Executive Program.

7. What skills, interests and input would you bring to class participation?



Please return completed application by October 10, 2013 to:

Betsey Howland

Cornell University PRO-DAIRY Program

B33 Morrison Hall

Ithaca, NY 14853

Phone: 607-255-3809 Fax: 607-255-1335