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PRO-DAIRY Programs

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PRO-DAIRY positively impacts New York's dairy industry. Through its research, discussion groups, educational programs, financial analysis, websites, publications and personal contacts, the Cornell University based program reaches thousands of dairy professionals annually.

The 2013 PRO-DAIRY Annual Report reviews the many highly successful — and results driven — PRO-DAIRY programs, with special focus on Dairy Profit Discussion Groups. Dairies participating in these groups represent nearly 200,000 cows. (See table on page 1 of the Annual Report)

The business-focused discussion groups help dairy owners and managers improve their businesses' profitability. This has a ripple effect: An economically healthy dairy industry benefits local communities. Cornell research shows dairy's significant economic multiplier effect: One new dairy job results in an additional 1.24 jobs to local communities. Every dollar of output on a dairy generates an additional 83 cents in the economy. Dairy accounts for half of all New York agricultural receipts or more than $3 billion annually.

The 2013 PRO-DAIRY Annual Report also highlights these other program areas vital to a strong New York dairy industry: environmental stewardship; crop, herd and nutrient management; business management and financial benchmarking; and young people.

PRO-DAIRY works collaboratively across the dairy industry to accomplish its mission. The program is a joint venture of the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The program also partners with the Center for Dairy Excellence, established by the New York Farm Viability Institute. PRODAIRY thanks these partners for their support and the state of New York for its financial contribution.

Other collaborators include dairy producer groups, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and numerous agribusinesses and state government agencies. (For a complete list, see page 21 of the Annual Report).

For more than 20 years PRO-DAIRY has dedicated itself to one goal: to provide programming and leadership to the New York State dairy industry so it continues to be a leader in the U.S. dairy marketplace. Through results-driven education and research PRO-DAIRY specialists have made a positive impact on the technical knowledge, management skills and economic strength of the state's dairy industry since 1988.

PRO-DAIRY 2013 Annual Report