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Decision Making Tools

Dairy Replacements Evaluation Tools

Dairy Farm Business Management

  • Dupont Analysis DFBS Version
  • — The DuPont Analysis System is a graphical picture of the relationship that operating performance and financial structures have in determining what return on assets and return on equity will be. Developed by the DuPont Corporation to aid in decision making, the model provides a way to analysis the impact different changes may have on returns. The model has been adapted to match how the majority of dairy businesses keep their records and to allow some additional analysis to occur.
  • Dairy Farm Business Summary — The objective of the DFBS is to enable producers to: analyze their financial situation; set future goals; make sound financial decisions. The DFBS also allows producers to compare their business to an average of other producers.
  • Dairy Profit Monitor — The Dairy Profit Monitor is a business management program that allows dairy producers and consultants to enter herd and financial data every month online and at their convenience. With that capability, users get an immediate report back on their business on dairy benchmarks as well as financial parameters.
  • LEAP —Lease Analysis Program
    An Excel spreadsheet for the economic analysis of capital leases. Version 2.1 can handle different values in each year for tax rates, interest rates and the opportunity cost of capital.
  • FISA — A complete set of financial statements for agriculture
    An Excel 5.0 file designed for calculating financial statements for agriculture consistent with the recommendations of the Farm Financial Standards Council (FFSC).
  • Cashpro — Annual cash flow projection
    An Excel 5.0 file to calculate annual cash flow projections
  • MoCash - Monthly cash flow projection
    An Excel 5.0 file to calculate monthly cash flow projections
  • Analyzing Replacement Equipment Purchases
    An Excel file for "Analyzing Replacement Equipment Purchases"
  • BTLEASE - Before tax lease program
    An Excel Spreadsheet to Calculate the Before Tax Implicit Rate of Interest on a Lease

Cost Calculator

  • Milk Harvest Cost Calculator
    A milking parlor is a large investment on farms and the milking labor accounts for over 1/3 of all labor costs on farms. This calculator is designed to help farms determine the areas of the milking center that are the main drivers in milk harvest and storage costs.
  • Reproduction Program Cost Calculator
    This template is designed to determine the costs associated with getting dairy animals checked pregnant.

Dairy Facilities and Waste Management

Dairy Facilities Drawings

Environmental Management

  • Costs of Spreading Manure - What are the Alternatives?Steve Hadcock and Peter Wright — Before considering other methods of hauling manure, one needs to estimate current costs for spreading manure. It should also come to no surprise that the cost of spreading manure varies according to the distance from the farmstead to the field. This spreadsheet is available for you to estimate current spreading costs. This decision making tool is also useful to analyze alternative spreading methods.

Human Resource/Business Management

  • Brand You (11/02)— Developing a personal brand image is a slow process and requires continual effort and attention. The 10 items in this "Personal Brand Equity Plan" are designed to do two things: First, track where you are and the progress you've made in developing your personal brand image. Second, outline the most important things you need to do to continue building your brand equity.
  • Standard Operating Procedure Form— This form can help you organize the development of farm specific and task specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). Page one contains several SOP related areas that working through at the start will help you develop and later implement the SOP. Page two is where every step or procedure in the protocol is listed. Columns are also provided to number the steps, indicate approximate time required for each step, reference other SOP's, or any other use that will help you organize, develop and implement the SOP.
  • Job Description Development Worksheet (updated 10/02)—This form will help you think through and organize all the bits of information that may be contained in a job description.  Depending on the job and your preference, the final job description may not contain all the information included on the form.
  • Delegation - Task/Activity Analysis— This form will help you identify tasks you would like to delegate, estimate the amount of time you spend on those tasks, think about if you can delegate a task "as is" or if some revision or modification will be necessary, and rate the task as a "Choice" assignment, "Routine" work, or a "Thankless" job.
  • Delegation Worksheet— This form prompts you to think about the important aspects of effective delegation.  For simple tasks each of these aspects may be a simple mental checkoff.  For more complex tasks it may be beneficial to actually fill out the form in conjunction with the person to whom you are delegating.
  • Task Identification—This form will help you identify and begin to organize all the tasks that must be accomplished in a particular work area on a regular basis.
  • Job Elements — This worksheet will help you to further organize tasks into job elements, allows tasks to be listed in order if a particular task must be completed before the next task can be started, identify the skill level required to accomplish each task or job element, and the performance consequences associated with each.  This form can be useful in combining job elements in to positions or workloads to help group high skill level, serious performance consequence job elements into higher level job positions and less critical job elements in entry level positions.
  • Allocating Workloads— This worksheet is useful for scheduling the activities of individuals to help assure the individual is not "under-employed".  Likewise the form helps assure an employee is not overworked to avoid employee burnout and potentially tasks going undone.  Fourteen hours are spread across three pages.  Depending on shift length the number of required pages may vary.

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