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Curt Gooch

Curt Gooch- Sr. Extension Associate


Current Responsibilities and Interests:

PRO-DAIRY's Dairy Facilities and Waste Management Program

Manure Management Program

Curt Gooch is a Dairy Environmental Systems and Sustainability Engineer with the PRO-DAIRY program.  Curt heads up the Environmental Systems component of Cornell’s PRO-DAIRY program, a joint-venture educational program by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Curt conducts applied research with the goal of furthering the understanding of dairy housing and waste management systems and their effects on dairy animals, farm profitability, and the environment. He is also responsible for the development of educational and training programs for dairy housing and waste management systems. Curt has authored over 220 papers, popular press articles, and web site publications since coming to Cornell in 1998. Curt enjoys and receives the most satisfaction from working with dairy producers and their advisors.

Previously, Curt worked for 9 years as a Project Engineer for the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station where he was responsible for design and construction management of agricultural research and research support facilities. He also has several years of farm employment experience, including 4 years working on a production dairy farm. Curt has undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Curt is an active member of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, Alpha Epsilon, the Dairy Practice Council, the National Frame Builders Association, and the Hoof Trimmers Association.